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The winner of a FREE digital book for August is….

Congratulations to NORMA HYATT! How did she win a FREE digital book download? She simply signed up to my mailing list! Each month I will randomly pick one person to receive a FREE digital book download of their choice!

Thank you all for signing up for my email list! I know I’m a little late announcing the winner for August but I’ve been overwhelmed with our family going on vacation and then my children going back to school. I appreciate all of you and I hope you will enjoy hearing from me now and then.

And don’t forget to sign up for my blog via email. It is on my home page right below the email signup. That way you’ll know each time I post about a new book!

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New Book Coming Soon!

Well it has taken months (due to my carpal tunnel pain) but my latest book is in final review at the publisher. “Floral Stained Glass” features 35 floral inspired stained glass pages I’m hoping everyone will like. The pages feature thick black lines similar to the lead used in stained glass. All pages in the book are single sided. And I’ll also be offering a digital book version. In the digital version I’m thinking of not having the black border on each page to reduce the amount of printer ink used. I think it looks great on the pages, but you can always fill in the border with a black sharpie 🙂  What do you think of the cover?  stainedglass_spread_final

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Reviews and Links of Coloring Tools I’ve used

I just added a menu to my website. It lists the coloring tools (pencils, markers, gel pens, etc) that I’ve personally purchased and what I think of them. It also has links to purchase on I’m not a SUPER spender LOL so this list doesn’t contain the most expensive items on the market, but I’ve been very happy with them. Hope you enjoy! Click here to view.

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Free Gift – When you purchase 3 or more Digital Book Downloads

I love my customers! And if you purchase 3 or more (at the same time – must show 3 items in your cart) you automatically will receive a Free Digital Book Download added to your cart. You can choose “Birds Galore”, “Butterflies Galore” or “Quilt Blocks.” Just as a special thank you to my loyal customers!