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Since 2007, I have been a freelance graphic designer. I have been thrilled by the interesting design projects I have completed since going into business for myself. Recently entering the adult coloring book industry (Not R-Rated or even PG-13 – but coloring books for adults who enjoy coloring detailed designs) has allowed me to combine my two passions of graphic design and coloring. As a wife and mother of two, I get great pleasure in seeing my designs colored by people from all over the world.

My website is set up with two products you can review: 1) Print Books available through Amazon.com and 2) Digital Download Books that can be purchased direct from my site. Every book has a preview video attached so you can see all the pages before you buy. So simply click on “My Coloring Books – Digital” or “My Coloring Books – Print” above to get started!

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have ALL of Becky Torres Designs books.
    I love them.
    She is my favorite artist of adult coloring books.
    I highly recommend them.

    1. Thanks!!!

  2. Becky is a great artist. I have enjoyed coloring her designs.
    A must see😊

    1. Thank you so much Antonia!!!!

  3. Thank you Becky for doing this. I love your work and have already printed off a couple ig your drawings .Glad to travel your journey with you.

    1. Oh thank you so much Connie! That means the world to me!!!

  4. I saw on Facebook that you are looking for some people to color some of your designs. I would love to participate! I am recently disabled & spend my days coloring, reading & watching TV. So if I can color for you I really like to!

  5. Becky is an amazing Artist and she is also an Amazing person in General. I started adult coloring just about 2 years ago. So, I have many coloring books from several different artist. One day, on Amazon, I was searching for Dog Coloring books, I saw one by Becky and ordered it. When it arrived, it was instantly My new Favorite Book! So then I started searching for Becky’s Books and got many! She is without a doubt, My Favorite Artist!. Her Books are So good it is hard for me to pick a favorite!
    I highly recommend All of her books! I have them all except the Quilt ones. If you are New to Becky’s books… I suggest you look through them, find one that suits what you like the best. But I must warn you…. Be prepared to become addicted to her books 🙂 And Soon you will find yourself with ALL of them! ha!

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