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New Book Coming Soon!

Well it has taken months (due to my carpal tunnel pain) but my latest book is in final review at the publisher. “Floral Stained Glass” features 35 floral inspired stained glass pages I’m hoping everyone will like. The pages feature thick black lines similar to the lead used in stained glass. All pages in the book are single sided. And I’ll also be offering a digital book version. In the digital version I’m thinking of not having the black border on each page to reduce the amount of printer ink used. I think it looks great on the pages, but you can always fill in the border with a black sharpie 🙂  What do you think of the cover?  stainedglass_spread_final

4 thoughts on “New Book Coming Soon!

  1. So Excited! Looks Great!

  2. I Love the Cover An Can’t Wait!d both pics on the back! I already have some Coloring ideas!

  3. I love the way it looks when colored !!! Awesome to hang up also !!!

  4. Looks to be absolutely beautiful. .hope to purchase it one day….if I hut the lottery.
    So I will watch for others to post beautiful pictures.

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