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Reviews and Links of Coloring Tools I’ve used

I just added a menu to my website. It lists the coloring tools (pencils, markers, gel pens, etc) that I’ve personally purchased and what I think of them. It also has links to purchase on I’m not a SUPER spender LOL so this list doesn’t contain the most expensive items on the market, but I’ve been very happy with them. Hope you enjoy! Click here to view.

4 thoughts on “Reviews and Links of Coloring Tools I’ve used

  1. Love the idea of tutorials .very excited. I’m pretty much a beginner, and eager to learn

    1. Not really tutorials, I said by mistake. But a guide to what to buy or not buy.

      1. My philosophy is, if you are a beginner start small. Do not buy the most expensive pens and pencils. In fact buy the least expensive. Buy a 12 pack of crayola pencils, a pack of gel pens, and a pack of markers, all from Walmart and spend the least amount of money possible. Because, you will find that you prefer using one or two usually. In the beginning when I started coloring, I preferred pencils. I loved to shade and blend and pencils were all that I used. I found CrazyArt to be very waxy but Crayola were good. So then I got some Marco Raffines and found they were great. Recently I’ve been into gel pens. And when I couldn’t get enough colors, I added a few fine tip markers to the group. Don’t jump in and buy Prismas only to find out you don’t like pencils as much.

        That is my advice for a person starting out 🙂 Hope it helps!

  2. When I first started I bought all the expensive markers and cheap pencils…. only to quickly learn that I preferred coloring with pencils. I have tried Crayola, Crazy Art, Marco raffine, Prang, Faber Castel and sooooo many more. Then Finally got the biggest set of Prisma (as a christmas gift) I absolutely love Prisma!!! I gave all the others away. But, Like Becky said, if you are new to coloring, start with the cheapest and work your way up. Now, all I use are Prisma Pencils, Gel pens and sometimes I use Glitter or Metallic markers. I did keep all of my expensive markers, just in case I ever want to use markers again in the future. But for me, I prefer pencils bc I can shade with them, blend colors together, ect..

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